Your Hair May Be Holding You Back

When you consider your future career prospects, you probably assume your progress will depend on a few things: your skills, your experience, your ability to network, and your willingness to work harder than anyone else. Those are all very important parts of success, it’s true, but you may be forgetting something just as crucial: your hair.

I know a lot of people won’t believe it, but the truth is, you get judged based on your hair. As Therapy Hair Studio says, hair is “one of the first things people notice about you when you walk into a room.” When someone meets you, they make some unconscious assumptions based on what you present to them. They’ll look at how you walk, how straight your back is, the quality of your clothes and how well they fit you, and what your hair looks like. While you might be able to move your relationship beyond those first impressions, if you aren’t giving a great first impression, you are immediately putting extra work in front of you to reverse those negative assumptions.

And, unfortunately, you sometimes may never get the chance to do that. You may always wonder why you didn’t get that job you were so qualified for, and the answer may simply be that you had a bad hair day. In the competitive world of business, in which many others will be trying to get that same job, promotion, or client, you have to make sure you set yourself up to succeed.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means you should invest more in your hair, and you should think about what your hair is telling people. Don’t skimp and go for that cheap haircut, for instance. Spend a little extra and make sure your hair gets the best treatment and you end up with the right style. On the point of style, you should also think about if that style tells the story you want to tell about yourself to those who can help you rise up in the world.

You may love how you look with a certain style, but if it isn’t the right kind of style for your profession, you need to decide if the style is worth more to you than a promotion.

That’s not to say all styles are forbidden for all jobs. The world is changing and more workplaces are accepting more styles all the time. You may work in a very artistic line where bright pink hair is actually a bonus. Or, you may work in a law office where it’s crucial you have a more conservative look.

There’s no single right way to approach your hair. The point is, you need to be putting more thought into it. Make sure your hair presents the version of you to the world that makes you look like the success you want to reach. When you just continue doing the same old things with your hair, you may find in the end that your hair was the reason you didn’t reach the levels you were capable of.

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