Maintaining Respect and Friendship between Parting Couples through Mediated Divorce

The process of divorce is always a demoralizing and emotional experience, especially for one who does not want to end the marriage. Besides the costly court fees, divorce cases also usually last a long time, affecting not only the divorcing couple’s daily personal activities, but their time at work too.

Besides the divorce case itself, there are other issues that the couple will need to settle which, if they cannot agree on amicably, will have to be decided by the court instead. These divorce-related issues may include child custody and support, visitation rights (of the non-custodial parent) alimony or spousal support and division of property, assets and debts.

Since the laws that cover divorce and all other issues related to it are complex, requiring the assistance of a good family lawyer becomes necessary; and couples need to know that the more knowledgeable and experienced their legal counsel is, the better their rights and interests would be fought for – but all these also require additional costs.

Aside from court settlement there is another way through which a divorce may be settled – one that is guaranteed to spare the couple from lengthy courtroom time and costly fees – Mediation.

Mediated divorce is a private process and does not require the presence of a lawyer (though any of the partners may be assisted by one if he/she wishes). Through the help of a mediator, who is chosen by the couple and who makes suggestions regarding what may be the best options (to settle divorce and all other issues) based on the couple’s circumstances, the couple makes the decisions on how everything will be settled.

There are other benefits that make the mediation process more advantageous than court procedures, some of these include:

  • Confidentiality: while the couple have a free hand in making decisions that will work best for both of them, their personal lives and interest are also kept from becoming public news and gossip. In the mediation process, whatever transpires is kept between the couple (and their lawyers, if they each have one) and their mediator.
  • Cost: a court settlement can take weeks, months or even a year to finish, while a mediation process may take only hours or days, saving the couple from incurring off time from work and costly court fees.
  • Compliance: since the issues were decided by the couple, making sure that each party abides by the decision is more ensured.

The mediation process is gaining greater popularity in settling divorce and other related issues as it also makes the process less stressful for the divorcing parties. The process also builds an air of respect and friendship that may determine the couple’s attitude towards each other, even long after the divorce has been settled.

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